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As of Monday I am the proud owner of 2009 Element SC in Midnight Red. Thanks to the EOC forum helped me decide that this was the right Vehicle.


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First of all - WELCOME, WELCOME!! Great color!!

Second, not that I take credit for the vast amount of info available on the EOC, but, you're welcome!! Glad to be of assistance!

Glad you found us and congrats on your E-xcellent purchase!!

Uh, you didn't mention what your first mod is??!! So, what's first, HDGG, fogs, mats......(the list can go on and on....)??

Oh, and update your profile before Jojo finds this post (nervously looks over shoulder....)
Thanks! Profile updated. First mod will be a Reciever hitch for a Bike rack. Not sure what else at the moment. Kids want a flip down DVD but they dont ride in it as much as the pilot and I would rather get a new head unit (Navi).
Welcome to the EOC! Thanks for posting picture of your awesome ride. You made the correct decision also for the color. :)
oooh nice color:rolleyes::D
Welcome, stick around and enjoy the kool-aid.:cool:

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Where's the coyote? :confused:

LOL Welcome to the EOC! :)

Yes, Jojo DID spike the kool-aid. But I promise you'll like it. Plus it helps keep the pain down when the locals bite you! Just ask, Twi. :D
welcome.... great E-choice and I love the color.
Welcome aboard and that is a great looking E!
Nice ride! I'm hoping to get one when some money rolls through
Nice color. Thanks to the "cash for clunkers" I magically turned my 2002 Ford Crown Vic into an '09 Element EX in polished metal metallic. Just picked it up last night...haven't stopped driving it since.
nice..congrats. :) the color looks cool!!!
Welcome & congrats on your new SC , happy motoring:lol:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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