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Good day.

I bought a 08 SC Auto about a few months ago. LOVED it. But, I really wanted a 5spd AWD.

Eventually sold the SC (lost a few bucks). But, found a 04 EX AWD 5Spd. Unfortunately, this one needs some mechanical work (not too much, but still work).

I installed a head unit, with apple carplay (Sony AVX-5000) with a rear view camera. I just ordered all new speakers (since these ones are shot). Also, cleaned it out, it was very dirty, cleaned the engine real well (it was filthy). Installed LEDs in the instrument cluster, LEDs in the interior lights, headlights, corner lamps.

I still need to install vent shades (waiting on tint), install the hood deflector, and eventually some running boards, some nice wheels.

This weekend, I'm replacing the starter (lord help me), the knock sensor (been getting some P0325 codes), MAP sensor. And maybe install the new cabin air filters and air intake filter. Plus, change the oil and fluids. But, with 92,000 miles, it's not too bad for a 2004...

I love this Element. Again, it's my second one. I'm still in love with the car. One of the best and most versatile cars I've ever had.
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