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New wheels and went camping pics

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i got my new wheels installed and went camping a few weeks ago, here are the pics


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I really need to go camping this year...
yo that Element, LOOOOOKS SICK. more pics please, rims/tires look great.
With that amount of porjection beyond the fender, those tires will do a dandy job of paining the sides of the Element - on a muddy or dusty road. Gravel could even be worse.
Good job

Good job on painting the taillights.
What are the specks on the wheels and tires?
Will the tires fit the stock wheels?
Will you please post the specs on these wheels? Such as offset etc... Thanks!!

These look incredible.
If they were like mine then 15x8 with a negative 13 offset. You could check my signature thread to see
Did you remove the back seats and how comfortable was to sleep inside. Did you have any special mattress under?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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