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You are going to be be about a half hour from us, and ask where to find a B&B?????

it's still too early in the season for a decent wine tour, but most of the big ones (about 50 or so....there are over 100 in the area) have tasting rooms/retail outlets....

Niagara-on-the-Lake is actually alot more expensive to stay in than most of the Niagara Region (more but it's not where the better wineries are...and it definately tries to be more 'up scale', so you are surrounded by a bunch of self important half wits in their bimmers and Mercedes doing the 'country' thing...

Niagara Falls itself is a tourist trap...nice place to visit, see the falls, but it's way too expensive to eat or stay there...

Jordan, Vineland, and 20 Valley are much better in my opinion. Fonthill Pelham and Welland have some really nice, out of the way places, and it's not yet silly season (wine festival is the last 2 weeks of September) so the prices are reasonable...
(edit - I forgot about this, because Elaine did some of her training at some of the wineries in that area - Inn on the 20 is the BEST place to stay - Anna Olson is the pastry chef there)

We are leaving for Utah on the Friday, but Elaine will be really pissed if you don't at least come over for dinner on Thursday!!!!!
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