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Do not trust the word of any dealer/dealership you are working with to fully communicate what deals they are being cut by the manufacturer. should list the current expiration on any Honda Corp program to the dealer (On Edmunds, they use the term "Incentives")

I just looked it up and there are no "incentives" at this time from Honda Corp being sponsored on the 09 E. So, any "special" being touted will be solely a program from the which they have complete control in when and how to offer such.

Lastly, you will always get the best price when they know you are truly about to buy. Shop your model of choice in the neighboring 3-5 dealerships of your area and take the best offer. (Best to do this by fax or email, then take the documents in to the best offer...oh, and have them confirm the car is there and get the VIN before going there.)

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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