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yupper pupper, back is best for the best bud.. mine always needs to be close by i found a nice padded pup seat cover on the floor between the front and back seats works perfectly.. and he can be close, comfy and all!

Also one of the safety reports notes about restraining your pups in transit, they cited the injuries, keep in mind they have no ability to hold onto (darn lack of opposable thumbs) there are pup seat belts they are harness that you slide on then hook to the normal seat belt keeps them secure and safe. Since they can not hold on, and the poundage of dogs is not much, they do become projectiles and can be catapulted from your vehicle.. this is a tragedy so though they enjoy the freedom please keep them safe and secure.

Another note is do not let your pup hang his head out the window when driving, sure this is cute and all. .and thankfully the E has backwindows that don't roll down.. and since they should not be int he front seat.. but when you take him/her in your Accord, Odyssey, Civic or other Honda product (grin) keep that window cracked at max.. various debris and get into their eyes or mouth and cause serious or permanent injury!

Thank youfor letting me babble.. but this is a serious matter.. thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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