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in my 2003E AWD EX all of a sudden the radio does not work anymore, that is: the radio/CD/aux works fine according to the display, but no sound whatsoever is coming out of my 7 speakers. First guess of course is the amplifier - I changed the fuse #7 (20A) in the under-dash fusebox, but that did not help - still no sound.
remarkable is that all settings in the radio (like subwoofer, balance,fading), were set to neutral while there was no power interruption of a kind, only a week of not driving and standing still in a very hot period.
So I still think its the amp, but do not know where to start to find the problem; I even do not know where to find the Amp itself!
can anybody give me a clue to work out this problem, where to start, and what would be a possible cause?:-o
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