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Hi, Newbie to forum so please be gentle. Bought an 04' EX AWD with 36k miles a couple weeks ago and thanks to this forum took it to a dealer today to have the rear diff and manual transmission fluid changed. There had been no noises or anything from the rear diff, just knew from reading here to do it. Problem is I live in one town, the dealer is 25 miles east of me and my job is 25 miles west of me. For today I knew to go to the dealer for what I wanted done so I did that and went to work a couple hours late. Generally though I've been taking my Toyota trucks to the local Monro near where I work (No Toy dealer where I work either) for 10 years for 90% of the maintenance and have no complaints. I know I want to have the brake lines, clutch and power steering fuilds all flushed and filled and it sure would be more convenient to have it done at the local repair shop but I'd appreciate some opinions. The dealer doesn't do loaners for relatively minor work like this so to have them do it I end up being even later to work which I hate to do. For the three fluid changeitems I mention above is my local non-dealer ok or should I bite the bullet again time wise and go to the dealer. I do plan to have the typical oil, filter, lubes done locally. Thanks for any advice!!
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