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I installed a Sony CDX-GT740UI FM/AM Compact Disk Player in a 2003 Honda Element EX today for my daughter. Along with the radio I ordered a Scosche HA1701B housing and the Metra 70-1725 harness from Amazon. I also ordered a Pro.Fit International DM-40-22 Dash Trim Removal Tool from Amazon.

Installation started with putting the automatic gear shift in neutral, disconnecting the ground cable from the battery, and prying off the large dash piece that covers the radio and holds the HVAC controls. I disconnected the HVAC and emergency flasher connectors (both required pinching a tab to remove the connector).

I then removed the existing radio and disconnected all of the existing cables from it. The relatively small black connector has the 3 wires used for the subwoofer connection. I cut this connector off about 1-inch into the wires. A mid-size green connector, which I assume is for an accessory like XM or ?, I just tied off and stuffed out of sight. The largest connector plugs into the Metra harness. The existing antenna cable plugs directly into the back of the new radio (no adapter needed).

The Scosche HA1701B consists of a front trim piece, two sides that snap in place (with at least one screw to hold each side in place), and a pocket. The pocket fits properly in only one orientation so play with it until it looks like it's properly fitted to the front trim piece. The DIN housing that came with the radio is not used; you insert the radio from the rear of the assembled Scosche housing and use the screws that came with the Scosche to attach each side to the radio. The front of the radio just butts up against the back of the Scosche housing; it doesn't go through front piece or snap or anything other than just touch the back of the front trim piece. The radio's separate face plate fits within the front of the radio and easily clears the Scosche front trim piece.

I destroyed the original packaging for the Metra 70-1725 harness so the following info from other threads details the color coding for the RCA and bare wires.

white rca -> front left
grey rca -> front right
green rca -> rear left
purple rca -> rear right


The red, yellow, black and blue/white wires connect directly from Metra to Sony harnesses. I chose to connect the Metra orange/white to the Sony harness orange/white wire and the display lights up. For all connections I slid some heat-shrink tubing onto the Sony harness, twisted the bare wire ends together so the result didn't exceed the wire sleeve's diameter, soldered the joint, then slid the heat-shrink over the joint and shrunk it with a heat gun.

This left the Metra's orange and blue wires unused, which I tied off in case either is needed later. The light-blue Sony ATT wire is also tied off (I heat-shrinked the ends of all unused wires and then cable-tied them into small bundles).

This forum post describes how to connect an RCA cable to the existing sub wiring. It's very simple: cut an old RCA cable about 4 inches from the end, trim the cut-end of the 4-inch piece to expose the shield and center conductor, and solder-tin/shrink-wrap as desired. Connect the center conductor to the existing red/blue-stripe wire and the shield to the existing red/white-stripe wire. I used Dolphin Super-B wire connectors to connect the RCA cable to the existing wires but there are numerous other solutions. The existing pink/black wire is unused.

Once the harnesses and adapters are ready, plug everything in and install the radio. As usual, don't fully screw the radio in or reassemble the dash until you've tested the radio.

The result sounds great and integrates perfectly with the existing sub and amp system. I chose this radio because it fully supports a USB connection to an iPod, has an IR remote control, and sells for reasonable $120 on Amazon.

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welcome to the forum, good to see that you got this in and working. I was worried that you said you bought a 70-1725 when your profile says you have a DX. ;-) Might want to fix that in case you have any other questions in the future and someone looks at the model you have
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