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Although the Element was love at first sight, I must admit I feared it would not come about, as I am one that firmly believes in positive dealer experiences. It is obvious Honda developed a great no-nonsense vehicle, but my perception was that its' dealer structure would be polluted by salespeople who could not handle the clientle this concept attracts. My prophecy was beginning to come true as I got jerked around by one dealer with lost leader games and then got the hi/lo game from another and finally I got a price that I was happy with but no go on the color I wanted. I was actually ready to bail out compeletly.. but then I found this site and decided not to give up...seems like I am not the only one who has become EleMental! As such I continued and wandered into DCH Honda in Paramus, NJ.

And YES! I picked up my Silver AWD EX today and had to post my absolutely positive dealer experience. Within five minutes of talking about my lease, I was good to go. No time wasting, no headaches, no BS. My sales person's name was Steven Chan and I cannot say enough about how helpful, friendly and clear minded he was. He got me the deal I was looking for and I was on my way. No typical lease garbage run around.

As an educated consumer and a loyal customer I would pass on my highest recommendation to them. This is the best purchase I have made in a while!
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