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OBD II Codes PO302 & PO172

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My 05 E has the CEL on and OBD II says Code PO302 and PO172, I have a shop manual coming from ebay but it'll be a few days. PO302 discription is "Generic cyl 2 misfire detected" and PO172 is "Generic system to rich (bank 1)".
I'm thinking both of these codes could be spark plug driven, just a guess after reading about 12 pages of threads. My E has 62K miles.
Any suggestion while I'm waiting on the manual?
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I'm guessing that you see the "too rich" message because of the misfires. That could be from a fouled spark plug, bad wire, or even a fouled injector. You need a mechanic's advice.
If I came across this problem, I would try to address the misfire first and it was probably listed before the P0172. A cheap and easy way to check if you have a misfire from a bad coil would be to move it somewhere else and while you are there, check the plugs for any abnormal wear. If the misfire goes to a different cylinder then you have a bad coil. It also wouldnt hurt to throw in a new set of plugs since you are there already.
When was your last tuneup?

This misfire caused the rich condition. If you haven't had a tuneup recently, or ever, I'd go out and buy some NGK Iridium plugs and replace them (cake). Have the codes cleared. See if they come back.

Thanks to all, I'm in the process of changing plugs now, 1st time since new. Let you know how I make out...thanks again
It worked far

new plugs enabled me to clear the codes and it runs great, hope thats it..thanks again for the input...
new plugs enabled me to clear the codes and it runs great, hope thats it..thanks again for the input...
I just had the same problem with my 2003 element:
Check engine light was flashing, rough idle, loss of power.
I searched online to do my research.

unplugged each coil and put them back in, noticed that the 1st coil was at fault because when I unplugged it the engine didn't bogg down.
Luckily, I had an extra coil lying around, changed it and voila! the ride is smooth again. Now I just have to take it to Autozone or Pepboys to do a diagnostic check.

Thanks ya'll!
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