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My wife took the Element to the dealership this week for an oil change and the dealership said we needed some maintenance that doesn't seem right to me. FYI, mileage 75,000. I also looked back at my past service records to reference what had been done in the past.

Here are the recommendations:

1. Replace the valve cover gasket (supposedly leaking - just looks like road grime to me). This doesn't seem right because at 60,000 for the major service the dealer did the following: "inspect and adjust engine valve clearance" and replaced the "CYL HD CVR" So wouldn't adjusting the valves require the replacement of the valve cover gasket? I can't believe the gasket has started leaking 1.5 years and 15,000 miles later.

2. Power Steering Flush. Maybe - the color is amber/light brown, but $139.98 estimate to do that seems way too high for 10 minutes worth of work. Should I get it changed since it is not clear? I can always shop around for a cheaper price.

3. Replace Front and Rear Pads (and flush fluid) - both are at 2mm. At our 60,000 mile they recorded the front as 3.5mm and rear at 3mm. Would brakes wear at 1-1.5mm per year? I took a look at the brakes myself and the front could be at about 2mm but the rear is definitely not at 2mm, it looks about 2x as thick as the front pad.

So the question is what recommendations do I challenge the dealership about and which ones should actually be done?

Thanks for the help
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