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OEM Alarm - DIY - Won't arm

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2005 Element EX AWD

After having it broken into twice in one year, I thought it was time to add the alarm. I now seriously wish I had just paid someone to do it, as it's been an incredible time waster (Didn't realize the alarm and KIT were two sep items; ordered the alarm, then waited five days for the kit to arrive, and it came without the bracket).

Anyway. I drilled my holes and ran my wires and wrestled with that retaining clip and put everything back together and... nope. I hit the "lock" button on the remote (the EX in 05 comes with keyless entry) and the doors lock and it beeps three times... but the alarm doesn't arm. The confusing-as-hell "Security System Operating Instructions" says three beeps means the hatch is open. Uh, no. It's closed, and the light is going off.

So I'm guessing I wired something up wrong? Or is that "three beep" thing a "general failure" kind of message?

Frustrated! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

-Mark in Baltimore
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