I recently purchased these from the trading post here: OEM stereo and door speakers (2005 EX)

It seems like a super great unit and it did function correctly when I had it installed, however, I've got a 2006 EX with steering wheel remote controls and evidently the 2005 EX's don't have that feature. The part number is also different from my 2006 OEM unit. So this is back up for sale. This is the radio only, I'll be putting the speakers up in a separate post because it is cheaper to ship them as separate units than one box.

The part number on this is 39101-SCV-A110-M1. Again, if you have a 2006 or later EX, the steering wheel controls will not work with this unit. (Unless I've totally missed something because the harness and connectors are all the same)

Shipping is $29.00 extra via USPS anywhere in the continental US or you can send me an airbill from FedEx. (Or pick up if you are local)

Thanks for looking!