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On a happier note...

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I received a calendar from Roger Beasley Honda in San Marcos, with the a photo that that Chris (my salesman) took of me and Lucy.

Lucy looks great. :D Me - a little less so. :roll: It's a great picture of a happy moment, so I put it up on the wall. :wink:

Also came with it: a miniature of the same photo, laminated on the back of a discount card for service, etc. at Roger Beasley Honda. I have a little wallet photo of my Lucy now. I'm such a proud mommy.

Who can I thank for all this? Supamann, of course. I'm telling ya - if you're within any reasonable, or even semi-reasonable distance of Texas, this is a guy who *will* take care of EOC members. :wink:
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Glad there is a happier note to the previous ones I have encountered from the Hellwench. Seems as if or when the Hellwench finds the person responsible for abusing her E, she gonna be a mean, vicious, spiteful, straight-razor totin' woman, Lawd have mercy!

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