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Got a question for the mechano-technorati out there;

Has anyone installed a hydrogen gas generator in an E ?

I've heard that Canadian truckers use them and have outstanding fuel savings.

And I found a company in California that makes one scaled down for use in autos. They're pricey at $800, so I've no plans to move forward with this, before thoroughly researching both the mechanics and the company.

A I understand it, they work like this;

An electrolyzer, such as one would find in a fuel cell, splits the hydrogen atoms from a reservoir of water. The resulting gas is piped into the intake manifold and enters the fuel system. The computer senses the gas additive and reads this as rich mixture, and reduces the flow of gasoline. The hydrogen burns up in the cylinders along with the gas and air, and turns to water.

They claim that fuel savings can be up to 40%.

I'd like to find out:
> If there are any reputable companies that make these
> What the long term effects on the engine are...
> What other pitfall there might be in this process.


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