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[quote:e5ffc97524="Yogi"]For two years I have been wanting to get a CRV, but when the Element came out I just had to give it a try and of course thats all it took. I've been on the list for one three weeks now and have a feeling it will be six weeks or more before I actually get it. I've looked at all colors and finally decided on the Orange. I also have started buying accessories on the internet since so much cheaper and dealer said they would have no discounts etc. on them. I have been following the Elements owners club page for some time and have found it to be fountain of infomation. Thanks for bringing me closer to my future Element. Buy the way I am far from there target group age. 47 male with young heart[/quote:e5ffc97524]

Yogi, are you wanting a DX or EX, 2 or 4WD? We have an orange EX 2WD auto available right now, if you are not too far from TX or don't mind traveling for one I would be more than happy to help you. We do not charge over sticker and don't load the E's with any accessories unless you want them.

If I can be of assistance give me a call, I will be at the office tomorrow Saturday from 8:30 till 4, then I have to work at the car show till 10 pm...yuck!!!

Let me know if I can help you
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