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Our Green Element

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We are hikers, campers and dog lovers. The Element fits us perfectly.
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OK Your dogs are precious one of my favorite pics was "Our, Babies, reason the Element is perfect for us" too sweet...

and also a reason for my want of the Element too.. i have a border collie, and i know he will love this vehicle.. he loves to ride in the car too (he would drive if he could but just a little too hard for him to reach them pedals and steer) I love taking him for walks and stuff, and the washable interior makes it perfect so we can enjoy even more messy muddy fun!

Thank you for the images, i sincerely enjoyed them!

I also loved the "baby" pics of your new "arrival" ENJOY!
Yep, I would do nothing less myself.. he (my pup) is my baby.. and seems that is the same for you guys.. and your babies are precious.... humm much alike we are.. you took arrival photos of your Element (which I intend to do when mine finally arrives) and your pups are your babies.. as well we both love the Element! Good to know others in the same mind set!

Take care!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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