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A P0325 code is fairly common to happen on Honda motors and sometimes go unexplained. Knock Sensors listen for knock inside the motor they are very sensitive to sounds and sometimes pick up sounds that are not engine knock. Most Knock Sensors are actually piezoelectric crystals and those are extremely sensitive to pressures, sounds, and light.

Anyways, since you mentioned that you think you are having some pinging. That could cause a knock sensor fault if its loud enough. It is possible to have bad gas to cause a knock, especially if you bought gas at a discount gas station or a low volume backwoods gas station since most of those gas stations don't sell "Top Tier" Gas.

You could also have a loose connector on the knock sensor.

Here is a thread on this forum about the issue. Lots of potential issues and possible solutions.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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