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I thought I would share this with anyone who might have the same problem I had. I have had my Yakima roof rack for several years now and the plastic pieces don’t always look that great. I am constantly applying Mother Back to Black to the Landing Pads and Control Towers to shine them up.

Anyways, to make a long story short my wind fairing was faded and worn from constantly applying stickers and removing them and just being in the weather 24 hours a day. Instead of buying a new fairing which is about $45-$55 I bought a can of Krylon Fusion and painted the fairing along with the hardware that holds it to the rack.

I removed the hardware from the fairing, sanded the fairing with medium/fine sand paper and repainted with Fusion in Gloss finish.

I applied 1.5 cans over a period of 7 days to insure even coverage. I might have over done it but I wanted to be sure it would last a long time before I had to redo it.

The Results:
Because I took my time and applied several thin coats, the fairing looks awesome. Probably not brand new but way better than spending $50.

I will post pictures of the finished product tonight.

Hope this helps someone.
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