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Last week my passenger door lock stopped working. I took it in and the dealer said that the actuator was bad and replaced it. I picked it up and it worked just fine for a day. The next morning it was not working again, I called the dealer and set up an appointment, then a couple days later it magically started working again so I canceled the appointment (since I don't want to pay a 'diagnostic' fee for nothing).

So, any thoughts on 1) why it seems to be intermittent and 2) how I can break it all the way so the dealer will do something about it.

Also, this weekend I tried to 'break' it by clicking the lock and unlock a whole bunch, I noticed after maybe 10 or 15 lock/unlock cycles the all the door locks started to act funny... not working, working partially, etc... Is there some sort of protection (maybe thermistor or similar) on the actuators that are intended to protect the equipment that may be causing this? Thoughts?
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