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Paw-tripping cup holders.

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What do your dogs think about that cup holder in the rear seat?

They seem to be a major drawback to an otherwise perfect dog-car.

Any ideas on how to smooth out the back seat? (Black labs enjoy their creature comforts, including laying down and snoozing while cruising on the freeway.)
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What about one of those foam sleeping pads from a camping store, or an exercise mat.

Just a thought
Could you stuff them with a sock or something? Wait, I have dogs. That would look like a nice toy waiting to be played with. Oh well, I tried! :oops:
Take the advice of our Homeland Security Department-Use duct tape!
I leave one seat up and one seat reclined for my pound pup. That way she can snooze or snoop in comfort.
I took my german shepherds for their first ride last weekend- wow! The fur was flying! My older dog just layed down, but the pup was all up in our faces! Thank goodness for the cup holder between the seats in front or he would have been in the front seat area! Would one of those tubular dog barriers work in the E? If anyone has that, let me know how it works!
Other than the barrier issue and the scratches on the tailgate, it went well and I look forward to even more Nose prints on the windows!!! :D
there are cushioned seat covers that should fit on the back seats to remedy some of the tripping problem. I have one of the padded seat covers which I lay on the floor between the back and front and my pup lays there and is very comfortable and he can be closer to us.

We also have reclined the backs a bid and that gives them more room to spread out.. i don't make it totally flat he likes a little incline.

With the foam mattresses depending on your dog type many will just shred it to bits.. it is a game. this will be a royal annoyance for you, and could be dangerous for you (think of what foam is made of) there are plenty of dog friendly items you can use, you could also try one of those flatter dog bed mats, they use for the kennel cages that should fit well back there, you could pinch it between the seat and the seat back so it does not shift, and that should helo and secure the other end with a bungee or something, so it does not crinkle up. Good luck!
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