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Got some good the better looking than aztec or the scion...

Here are my faves from the site:

Gotta love the wings...

Thats what I called Riced out...

This is how i'm going to the grave!

Exactly what I thought...

Call up Yakima and Thule now, cause me likey, me likey very much!

Thats what I call pooping with class!

That is sweeeet...not Richard Simmons, but the car...I think the panels are a good color...if i was selling cosmetics...also what Elvis would have given his mom.

[voice of Kit] Michael, you need a haircut...maybe you should be a lifeguard instead. And you little boy, i'm what willis was talkin' 'bout![/voice]

The NEW Grave Digger

I put this picture because we have a member named Canyonero...this is for you canyonero!

How the heck did they get a pic of my car?

Also liked the one with the Back to the Future spot in the background...

They can fark around with it all they want, but it still looks pretty sweet...
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