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Pictures of OEM EX factory amp?

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Does anybody have pictures of the insides of a factory EX OEM amplifier?
I'm pondering :confused: about seeing if I can beef it up somehow so it can handle
a 2 OHM speaker load without over heating. I need to know if it is a discrete
component amp or a IC amp.

If its a IC amp it probably will have parts in it that will look like this.>

If it is a component amp it should look like this (But smaller:)).>
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the portion for the 6 regular speakers is IC and the subwoofer is class D.
the portion for the 6 regular speakers is IC and the subwoofer is class D.
Thanks for the info. It looks like I'll have to replace the hole amp when
I get new speakers. There is not much of a way to beef up a IC amp
to handle a lower impedance load. I might try a cooling fan, but thats
about all I could do.
I finally took some pictures of the OEM factory amp.
The hole thing is a IC amp. Even more reason to upgrade
to an after market amp.
W=4 5/8
H=5 5/8
T=1 3/4

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great pics. even on large amplifiers there are IC's inside. the large caps in it are for the subwoofer side of the amplifier.
The three caps are fore filtering the dc input in the hole amp.
There all hooked in parallel.

These type of IC amps are limited in how much wattage output
because there powered by only a singled sided input of 12 to 14V
DC. Where as a discreet or pulse width digital amp usually has
a DC to DC converter that outputs around +-20 to 45V dc.
Nice! I was wondering about the dimensions of the stock amp. Was lazy and didn't feel like looking. I was really curious to see if the Arc Mini 125.2 would fit in there. Doesn't look like it now.

A sandwich.
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