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As a 72-hour owner, I'm in the "anal-retentive" mode I get in when I buy a new car :D However, I wanted to see if anyone else noticed this.

I checked the roof of the car earlier today to see if there were any scratches (I'm used to buying slightly used cars, sue me). Anyway, I took a look at the plastic rails that run along the side of the vehicle on both sides. I noticed the edge of one, and wanted to see how it was molded to the car. When I pressed down on the edge of it, it made a "sticker" sound and popped back up (as if it was glued down, but the glue wore out).

I checked the other side and pushed down - while it came back up, it did not make this "sticker" sound. Its probably nothing, but I'd feel better if anyone is able to dig up how those plastic edges along the outside sides of the car roof are held to the car body.

Mind you, there is nothing out of the ordinary other than that sound - the rails aren't sticking up or anything.

And other than that (and a couple stains on the one passenger seat they are fixing at my earliest convenience), the car is a dream!

'03 E Green EX
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