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Wich grille should i get?

please comment my new headlight and need opinion for a grille swap!

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hey guys i receive my 07-08 and i was so easy to install and look awsome! i took some picture but yesterday i received my rocku smoke fog lights and i had them installed tonight (still no pics) and it look pretty sweet even if its not as powerfull as i hope it would be, i change the bulb to fit my NEW HID kit that will be installed tuesday! i reserved it and they had it in stock but they didn t had any spare time to get my truck in to install it (i will let the pro do this one) anyway before the front bumper will be removed and re install for the third time this week i would love to get people toughts about the 07-08 grille swap that i'm considering so i could do it when the bumper will be of and then i ll be done with the front! here's some pics for the headlight job then i made a kinda photoshop job to see how it would look with the new grille! ENJOY!!!!!!!


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Okay so here's the real thing!

Before / after / photoshop 07-08 grille swap


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I'm looking at your AC core and all I can think of is "Get this E some gutter guard!" Hahaha... Hey! I have an '08 and have wondered WHY Honda decided to block up the air flow from the open design of yours to my more "blocked" upper grill. It doesn't let in nearly as much air as yours.
Hey look!!! It looks just like my factory '08. :D
I like it.
You have that new look now IMO.
gutter guard?

im not even sure what it is but i know my ac had hard time lol!i tell my dad when we did that! for those of you who have 08 is the grille exactly like this one ?cause the guy at honda told me it was called gray with the silver trim in is computer but i want black contour with silver trim to match the bumper cover.anyway tanx for helping out i ll get my hid kit thursday and i wish it was the last time i remove my bumper for a while...i even buy new plastic plugs cause some broke!
i like the mesh grills personally. maybe just paint the gray plastic black to match :)
tought about it but don't you think that i ll have to change the rear and front bumper cover to match if i do that?i would love to get the contour black for sure but...anyway tanx for your help buddy!
I agree with BurnoutX, paint the gray with the open grill.
Another vote for the open grille painted.
so much questions!

i had the idea to paint it charcoal with the bumper cover but i was scared that the paint would chip,crack or fall but i could just buy a black one?where can i found one?honda dealer?ebay? is it custom or there are some element that came out with it?
since i have no more time to install it before tomorow where i ll took of my bumber..

i ll wait a little more to be sure anyways i wouldn t be impossible to order and receive parts on time cause tomorow it s my new hid kit!!!!.....ok you guys convince me to keep the pattern and i start thinking about painting the silver plastic charcoal(not sure but..) it could look a little bit like the 09 sc but maybe a more mat finish...and if i could fine a nice black mesh grille like the picture but with the honda logo i would go for it ! up and down combo!


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forgot the pics of the black mesh

here it is!


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I started this idea a while back. Still think it is a good idea. I pretty sure someone did it, with their red E. worth a shot.
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