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Well I spent my afternoon purchasing and installing (2) pairs of new Polk GXR6 - 6.5" Coaxial Speakers.

Circuit City is running a second pair for 1/2 price deal from 5/25-5/31/2003

Each pair are 59.99 and after mail rebate I'll be out $90.00 for both pair.

I also picked up the speaker adapters that Circuit City stocks, but have know idea what cars they actually work on. ($6.99 per set)

Metra DashWorks Part #DW-7800SH - Acura/Honda

Took less then 45 minutes to remove and replace old speakers and the difference is incredible. I have always been a Polk fan and they have great customer service.

Kudos - Element J - Great information and inspiration can be seen at his website.
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