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potential buyer just wondering

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My wife and I are seriously considering buying this vehicle and were wondering if anyone has noticed any problems. My review has noted some 'minor' problems(largely unspecified). I'seems like a good vehicle but who knows? Some of you have owned this vehicle for some time now. Any comments would be welcome.
Thanks in advance
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Take some time and read this board, there are threads about minor problems and "issues". A couple of people have experienced major issues that have been resolved.

I personally have owned my E for over 4 months and 6,750 miles....the only problem I have encountered is a broken windshield caused by a rock thrown from a semi on the highway.

The E is the best car I have ever is amazingly fun! I have truly been amazed at how the E makes me feel....giddy is the best word to describe it. The Element is an extremely versitile vehicle, but it is not right for everyone. I would suggest that you and your wife read a lot of threads on this board and research the E on every website that you can find....then march down to your local Honda dealership and take one out for a test drive. Do not take your trade-in or anything that you would need to mak ethe purchase.....then go home and talk about the E with you wife.

After the test drive and your research if the E is the best car for you then start emailing dealers for internet price quotes and find the best deal possible!

This of course is just my 2 cents!

The test drive is what sold my husband and I....we were all set on buying a new civic, but I just really liked the look and utility of the my husband agreed to a test drive and three weeks later we bought our E!

Best of Luck to you!
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I've had my E for just over 4 months (and >11K miles) and I would make the purchase again in an instant. This is the most fun I've ever had in a vehicle. I've had no major problems, and only one minor one, an intermittant dash rattle. The E was perfect for a long vacation road trip to Nova Scotia (3600 miles in 11 days). We pulled the back seats out and threw in the camping gear and had a blast.

Just like Diane, the test drive sold me on the E, and I hadn't really been considering it before. (I saw it in the car issue of Consumer Reports and thought "what a funny looking vehicle.")

So, if you're ready for a lot of stares on the highway (yes, still), to give E-tours (two in the last week, requested by strangers), and to have a lot of fun just driving to the store, go for it! :D

The test drive.

My daughter (7) and I saw an element one day and about a week later we were at the dealer on a saturday afternoon taking one for a spin. SOLD.
I sat in the back seat for the test drive while my wife drove up front with the dealer at shotgun. It was awesome. It felt like I was in a theater with the windshield as the screen. As my wife tooled around the streets of San Jose, I imagined a desert scene scrolling across the glass.
Yes, if you tend to carry people around in the back seat, the roominess can't be beat. My sister sat in it and commented "ooh, stadium seating!". I thought that was pretty funny. Just keep in mind that even though there are 4 doors, it is different getting into the back seat since the front doors have to open first. You also have to educate passengers about which door closes first. My neice got into the car and the front door was already "closed" and it wouldn't close properly because it was blocked.
This is my 3rd Honda. The reason I got the element was because it is mechanically a crv and the versatility of the car. I have a 1997 CRV and have had zero problems with it. It now has 116,000 miles on it and still going strong. I traded in my 1988 Accord and bought my element a week ago and have already put over 1,000 miles on it. It is a great car but like penguin said do your research, it may not be the car for the 2 of you. I looked at other cars too but I have a great dealer w/a great service department. Other dealers couldn't match honda's prices or quality. If you do decide to get one, honda is the most reliable car I have ever driven. I drive 150 miles to and from work everyday and this car can go and do whatever you want it to. My wife who hated the exterior is starting to warm up to it because it drives better than her CRV.

Well good luck and have fun!

BUY IT..YOU'LL LOVE IT! (7,000 miles; bought in January).
BUY IT..YOU'LL LOVE IT! (7,000 miles; bought in January).
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