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Power when loaded?

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One thing I haven't been able to tell from test drives, is how would an automatic E perform when loaded with 4 adults, + camping gear with the AC on climbing hills? Obviously, I don't expect it to be a powerhouse, but I all too well remember the abysmal performance of the orig. 4 banger Izusu Troopers. With those, one had to practically get out and push to get up some of the moderate Blue Ridge hills. Test driving the E, empty with 2 adults, it seemed OK, but I'm eager to hear from folks that have had a chance to really use theirs.

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I can let you know on saturday. Today I'm heading out on a trip with three big adults and gear. Traveling through the mountains on really bad roads.
I owned both a four and a six cylinder trooper. They were great cars!! But going up hills or into the wind they were pretty worthless. Maybe having over 150,000 miles had something to do with its power but anyway I recently took a camping roadtrip with the girlfriend down to Florida :D . We had the E pretty loaded with camping gear and through the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee the E handled great on hills! You could hear the engine working a little harder but that is to be expected.
It does bog down when fully loaded over the 650lb rate. I also noticed a drag when the weight was centered in the car as opposed to the heaviest passengers up in the front of the car.

Now mind you this was in a 5spd where these differences are easier to notice when you shift instead of the car.
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