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Just another 2 cent contribution...

I've found that before my surfing trips, where I don't want to do any cooking, that it's useful to prep what I refer to as my do-it-yourself MRE's... MRE's themselves are about $6 a piece plus a bit more to ship, so I wanted a meal that was cheaper, kept well in my truck for a long time, and was easy to prep/eat.

Currently, I pack a quart-sized ziplock bag with the following:
-A Hormel Compleats meal
-A Serving of Beef Jerky
-A Large serving of Trail Mix
-Toasted whole wheat flatbread
-Instant Coffee Packet
-Plastic Fork

I've found that I can heat the Hormel meal (they don't require refrigeration) in my hot/cold thermoelectric fridge, or I can just set it on the dash in front of the reflective sun shield. The rest are tasty, filling, and don't require any prep at all. Shelf life on these could be a year or more based on your expiration dates on the products you choose to put in your MRE.

Other ideas:
Nutrigrain bars
100 Calorie packs of your fave cookie/cracker

Any other ideas?

Oh, and a word of advice... Most of these things (and those in military MRE's too) are high in sodium and other compounds that help them retain a long shelf life, so... HYDRATE!
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