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I don't really have any MP3 experience. So here come the dumb ?s. Take pity on me.

Does the Element EX come with a USB port? Firewire? Something I don't know about?

If i buy an MP3 player, I want it to connect with both my laptop and the car, so I need to know. I'm also strongly torn between an MP3 player that plays regular CDs and CDs recorded in MP3 format, or just a digital jukebox.

Uh, there are Windows programs that convert songs from a CD to an MP3 format, yes?

So that takes care of MP3 questions. Unless I haven't asked the right questions.

Also regarding music, I might also get a CD-changer. Basically, I know myself well and there are going to be times I'm too lazy to transfer the music into MP3 format.

I'm peevish about the big $ on the CD changer that comes from Honda. Pricey!

When I had my Rodeo, the CD changer was (1) way in the back (2) controlled through the radio interface by dialing to something like 88.1 FM. It wasn't ideal, but worked.

Are CD changers better these days? One would hope. Are these Honda changers fitting under one of the front seats? Will most non-Honda units do the same? What's the interface going to be like?

Any answers for an old noodlehead? Any advice?

Help me Element-Wan-Kenobi! You're my only hope!

Thanks and hugs!

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no the EX element doesn't have a USB port. but you can purchase an audio patch cable to hook from your laptop to the AUX port on the EX probably run you at 8 bucks. well that's how much ebay is selling it for. and for your question about a cd changer. i agree honda changers are very pricey but honda recievers are actually made from alpine. so you can hook up an alpine changer to any honda recievers with cd changer controls. well i don't know about the element but my old accord i did. hope that helps.

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No dumb questions.

The player connects via a patch cable through the headphone jack. You use usb to tranfer from you computer to the mp3. Most players come with software that converts cd (wav.) to MP3. Or you can use window media player.

As for the changer. I decided agianst it. I have a nomad juke box with 10 gigs and most new players have 20gigs. I keep all of my music on the computer and sync it to the player. every time I get a new cd I put it into the computer and it record to the computer and the player at he same time.

I like the jukebox because everything is inside. I can carry over 3000 songs. I bring it into the house at night. there is nothing to add. A bonus is I can take my entire music collection to the cabin or camping or the gym. No more, "damn I should have brought that cd."

Just my thoughts.
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