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[quote:7b9dd5450f="ronstoppable"]The dealership gave me the demo (4x4 ex) to try overnight, so I took it to work. On the way home I pulled up to a 97 honda accord (raced out). the driver threw some revs, I laughed. The light turn green and I launched.. I got the jump and he kept up until I got into 4th then 5th and i started to pull away. I got it to about 115mph (didn't want to break it only had 52 miles on it) .[/quote:7b9dd5450f]

EX 4wd, for now, only come in automatic. It is only a four speed!!! No fifth gear. This guy doesn't know much about what he is driving if he thought he was in fifth gear. Plus, you aren't very smart going that fast during the "break in" period.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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