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Adam, sorry to hear about your terrible experience. As a GSM, I can truly say I hate to hear things like this. There are several things that you can do:

1)First step is to make sure you have all the correct names (if you remember). If you have forgotten and are positive that really was the GM acting like a 3 year old (well even most 3yr olds behave better than that) then get his name. As Lon suggessted, file a complaint with American Honda. You can call and also write a letter about your experience. Honda really does listen and it will certainly be brought to his and the owner's attention if you are persistent. You might find out that this tool was a salesman trying to get your goat acting like a GM.

2)Find out who the owner is. Call the operator and ask. You might have to be a little stealth like about that, or he/she might just direct you back to the moron who insulted you in the first place. Find out how to contact the owner. If you have to, pretend you are sending a nice letter to the owner in regards to your great service at dealer X. If you can get a phone number to reach the owner, get that too. Even if all you get is voice mail, leave an urgent message letting the owner know you would like to discuss an important event that occurred at his/her dealership. This is where you might get the run-around, just depending on the owner. I have only worked for 2 dealerships ever and I know that if either of them were contacted in this type situation (my first owner was about as easy to get ahold of as George W) there would certainly be hell to pay when he got ahold of the GM.

3)Have a polite, to the point response prepared for when you do get ahold of the owner. Whether it is by phone or mail. Follow up after you make contact.

4)Most owners have enough money and might not be all that concerned about the loss of service business, but most owners truly care about their reputation and how their customers are treated. There is an age old saying that goes something like this: Have a happy customer, they will tell friends and family. Have an unhappy customer and they will tell everyone they meet/know.

I guess that I am lucky to work for a GM who I could never even fathom throwing a tirade like that. I also have an owner that is easily accessible. He owns close to 20 dealerships and has a great reputation, so to mess with that would certainly get him extremely peeved to say the least. Our entire staff knows that all it takes is one phone call describing an experience like yours, and heads would roll. Hopefully the owner of dealer X has the same respect for his/her customers and dealership.

Good luck and please do keep us informed on how this is handled.
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