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Just picked up my 2wd, 5spd, SOP, EX. Paid a shade under $19,500 out the door ($18723 internet price quote, plus $751 in fees and taxes, from Tony Honda). Keyless entry included.

I think I got a decent deal, considering I'm in Hawaii, and everything just tends to be a bit more expensive over here. MSRP on the sticker was $18,850, but then they try to add a $3995 adjusted market value fee for those willing to pay it.

First modification is gonna be the larger armrest with storage (was pleasantly surprised that the standard armrest was included with the 5spd), then the Honda security system.

Already removed the two emblems from the back. Took a drive and got a ton of "what's that?" looks.

Everytime I look at it, I can't believe its mine...

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