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Purchasing Decision

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Hello - I'm currently in the market for an Element and had some few questions before making my decision. I am looking at the 2003 - 2008 models and specifically MT (any trim level).

Just wanted to know, are there any years/gens I should be aware of and should stay clear of? With early gens of any cars there are always issues that are later addressed/fixed in later gens of the model...are there any cases like this for the Element?

Thanks in advance!
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Just purchased an AWD Auto 2003 myself (previously owned a 2004 a few years back). There is a possible rocking drivers seat which has a TSB out on it, so should be fixed without charge regardless of age. I have read about some problems with keys (or rather locks) not working due to wear, but if you get keyless entry that shouldn't be a problem. Beyond that it uses the tried and tested honda four-banger from the accord and cr-v, so no major engine issues that I am aware of. Timing belt I think is pretty much a guaranteed replacement towards 100K. Good luck with your search!
Drive a 2003-06 model and a 2007-up model. The front seats and seatbelts changed in MY 2007, and it's a love-it-or-hate-it thing.

You can compare options and engineering changes by year here. Otherwise just browse threads in this forum for lots more info.
...thanks for the input! Good to hear there is not much said about any engineering modification to the actual motor/drive train/gears.

I'm worried about this because I've had this happen to me in the past...owned a 1st gen RSX-S and had problems with the 2nd gear grind - as well, the 1st gen had problem with 'floating lobes' due to single spring loaded cams. All of which was addressed and changed in the 2nd gen...this time around I would like to get the gen with all the issues resolved, hah.
I wouldn't be afraid of the bugs in the 03/04 models. They are minor and well-documented. Most were identified and resolved for the original owners. (I think 04 was the 'sweet spot', but I'm biased.) There was a wiring change made in the 05/06 model that made it more expensive to add a towing light adapter (and also had a recall for mis-wired connectors).
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