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So this is a very cheap (about $20) DIY mod that I came up with (I’m sure I’m not the first...). I always wanted a vent in the rear of the vehicle to either put on my feet, sleeping bag or to thaw out the interior of the windows. All you will need to purchase (you should already have most of this if you’re anything like me) is some 550 parachord or similar “string”, small bungee chord, and a dryer vent duct in whatever length you decide to go with, I went with 8 ft. I don’t have exact measurements or where to EXACTLY tie loops, etc. as this could be slightly different depending on you bungee chord or what not.
1. Run a loop of 550 thru the windshield vent on the dash, as far right as possible. This loop will need to be a certain length to pull your bungee tight but not too tight or loose. Trial and error here with the length. Leave all your chords a bit long at first. I pull the white “gut” strings out and burn the ends with a lighter to prevent future fraying.
2. Tie 3 loops in another length of 550 chord. This section will be tied around one end of the duct and the 3 loops with act as an attachment for the bungee chord AND one under the duct that should fit snuggly around the slide button on the vent that opens and closes it. You can make another loop of chord with similar smaller loops for the other end of the duct as well, if you wish, to hang the duct in different areas of the Element as needed.
3. Loop to loop knot your bungee through the loop coming out of the vent, so the bungee will stay available on the dash when the duct is not in use.
4. YOU’RE ALL SET! The duct MAY slide off a bit to the left, so keep an eye on this. This could be remedied by a simple “peg” on the left of the vent or some sort of 3M style hook on the right of the vent secured to the duct by another loop, but I’m going to let it ride like this for a bit.

HOT TIP close the vent opposite of the one the duct is attached to and make sure all the heat is coming out the forward dash vents so that all of the heat goes into the air duct.

The cool thing is, this all compacts into the original box. I wouldn’t recommend the plastic ones as they are covered in P65 warnings about cancer and I wouldn’t run heat through that in a confined space but that’s just me, plus this aluminum foil makes me feel like I’m in a spaceship. :geek:


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