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question about tire size fitting on rim

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I want to get 15x8 rims, but i dont know what size tires to get..
the wheels I have now are 17x7 and the tires are 225/45/17. I definately want to get a bigger sidewall, like 60, but I also want to know if there will not be any rubbing. I think the offset on the wheels I want is -19.

I was thinking about 235/60/15. Would 225/60/15 fit?

I really like the style that 12MPGLOL is going for, but I was going to get different color and style of wheel...

thanks in advance
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once I get my new wheels, the TSX wheels and tires are going to be up for sale. right now the tires have about 75% tread left..Bridgestone RE092
Heres what I put on my E! I went an approx. an inch taller and wider than stock tires.


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I dunno why the kayak picture uploaded. just void that one. lol
thanks for the info, but I decided to follow 12MPGLOL and go with 15" wheels. the specs are 15x8, -19 offset. I went with 225/70/15 tires. I hope they will fit.. its gonna be a little hard mounting them haha
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