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Personally, I think a lot of the dealers are going overboard to fix simple problems. Maybe not always, but in some cases...

I had a dash rattle that really showed up when going over what I call "chatter" bumps, like the ripples that build up around and through a busy intersection. Other people have described what sounds like the same rattle. Their dashboards are being removed, lots of drama, etc. I took little rubber bushings, cut them into strips, folded them over and wedged them between the dash and the windshield close to driver's A pillar, in the middle and next to passenger A pillar. No more rattle.

I'm not saying every problem has a simple fix, but I think the "high tech" trained techs these days don't think simple first, if at all. The key thing about simple fix attempts is that they are CHEAP, and they help eliminate possibilities.

I have the creaky-rattle in back of my E. I have found that the ultra-chincy rear floor (spare tire cover) is the prime culprit. The way it moves in relation to the pieces it touches creates the creak in my E. I deduced this by placing 5 12-packs of coke back there. No more creak. Take them out, creak city returns. I'm still working on a permanent simple fix. It's proving to be difficult due to the extremely bendable, cheap-ass nature of the piece itself.

My $00.02 worth!
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