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Question: Immobilizer reset with non-Honda radio

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I'm curious. If you were to replace the Honda radio with a non-Honda radio, how would you reset the immobilizer?
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Immobilizer? There is no immobilizer in the radio. If you are referring to the flashing green key on the dash, changing the radio has no effect on that what-so-ever. If your referring to something different, please elaborate.
I was under the impression that if you were to use an ignition key that had the wrong chip, or no chip, the immobilizer circuit disabled the ignition, and it was necessary to input a code through the radio to re-enable it. I guess I assumed this because I couldn't recall ever reading how the system was initially programmed to recognize the right chip, of how the ignition was re-enabled. If it's as simple as using the right chip, I'm surprised that more Honda's aren't stolen.

I'm glad to learn that I was mistaken. Thank you. :)
The code that you enter into the radio is to reactivate the radio after power has been disconnected. I think you just inadvertently combine two different protection schemes :-D
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