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Question: What's this gunk on my coolant reservoir?

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Hi there,

I noticed that I have this brown stuff on the outside of my coolant reservoir, under the cap, I guess? Not sure where it's from or what's causing it. See attached pictures. (I didn't remove the cap.)

Any thoughts? Anything to be concerned about?

My coolant level seems to be normal. It showed at about 1/3 above the MIN line of the distance between MIN and MAX (at morning cold temperature with engine off).

Thanks for the help!


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The worst thing is it could be oil from the engine but I doubt that as you would have had to overheated the engine. DAMN WE JUST HAD A GOOD SIZE EARTHQUAKE NOW!!! Update. It was a 6.9 down in Mexico and shook pretty good here. Back to the stuff It also could be lube for the seal in the cap that someone just put too much on it. Open the cap and look at the coolant and see if its milky and check under the oil fill cap for a milky stuff.
They just updated the quake to be a 7.2 Go ahead a clean off the goop and keep a watch on it as it does sound like is grease that was overdone.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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