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First of all thanks for your candidness on the forum. It is refreshing and the way you and your dealership do business is the ideal way of doing business. :D

Quick question. I spoke with my salesperson yesterday and was told that the Element I had ordered (Green, EX, 2WD Automatic Trans, Side Air Bags) would be built on June 16th. and that delivery would follow in a week or so. He never used the term "confirmation". Based on the specific date given, do you think it is a build date or just an estimate?

Following up on another post, if the build is confirmed, will the salesperson have a VIN and a way to track its progress? I ordered a PT Cruiser three years ago, and was able to track it from various stages of production and transportation. Even the railroad and where the train was from Mexico to New Jersey!

Thanks again for your valued information.
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