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[quote:7988f59312="ElementalWon"]The Element is a four seater. I can't think of a way to safely seat one more person. As for horsepower. It is a four cylinder so it doesn't have a lot of power, but I haven't had any problems on hills. I haven't been on a steep incline though.

I saw a Murano the other day. Those look sweet. So if you are looking to turn some heads, the Murano and Element would be great.[/quote:7988f59312]

I love the Murano - real nice car, but it's at least $10K more, so I got the Honda. For the dollars per fun factor, I think the Element is a better deal.

I like the Highlander too, but it's too blahhh for me. "Indistinguishable in a sea of look-alike SUV's."
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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