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hey everyone! im a 16 year old with a permit (muahah) and my mom is in the position that she wants to trade her 98 Toyota 4runner for either a Toyo Highlander (which we arent crazy about other than the fact that we love toyota) a Nissan Murano or an E! im most excited about the Murano or the E. Mostly the E :-D

but anyways...i had some questions that im hopin u all can answer...

what size tires/rims are standard on a EX AWD ???
has anyone driven the E in snow and how does it handle??
does the E with its 160 hp take "big" hills well without having to floor the beast??
what else is
OH! is it possible to seat 5 ??? is there a seat belt for a 5th person??
we havent driven it yet...but we will be soon (this weekend hopefully)

thanks for all the help! happy motoring
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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