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I've driven my E (4WD EX) in snow and it did just fine. In deep stuff there was a fair amount of noise from slush beinmg thrown up against the underside of the floor, but it behaved well. There's a slight lag in the drive take up to the rear wheels when the front wheels slip, but power delivery to the rear is smooth.

Power from the engine is also fine. I've driven mine up steep mountain roads and have no complaints. It also has plenty of 'get-up-and-go' in normal driving. No sports car, but plenty fun and very responsive. In fact the driving experience is really very good indeed, and my only real complaint is that it's noisy and blustery when driving with the windows down. Otherwise, it's a very versatile vehicle with great agility that's hard to beat for anything like the money.

It does, unfortunately, only seat 4 with no way to safely carry anyone else. If there is a need to carry more than 4 even rarely, the E isn't going to work. Otherwise, take one (or two) for a drive - you'll find it quite a remarkable expereince.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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