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Hello EOM

I am a member of the ROC and we have a group buy posted on that site. We have been given permission to post it here as well. Please read below the the group buy offer:

I have been in touch with Rick McCallum owner of RAAMaudio.
I was looking and doing research on sound proofing my Ridgeline and I
came across Rick's company from reading threads here on the ROC. I
contacted Rick and asked him about a group buy for the ROC. Below is
the group buy he is offering our members.

RAAMmat BXT Group Buy

30 day Group Buy for members on all RAAMaudio products. starts July 11th- Ends August 10th

Check out their products,

Before ordering, calling etc, please Read the HOW TO guide on, for best results you will want to follow it very closely!


You are welcome to order exactly what you want with the minimum amount
of each item to be 1 roll of BXT, 3 yards of Ensolite, 1 can of adhesive.

Typical order sizes:

Basic install, utilized carefully will result in a great deal of
improvement, focus mainly on doors, back of cab wall.

1 roll BXT RAAMmat (62.5 sq ft) $99.00 Savings of 17%
3 yards Ensolite foam (42 sq ft) $29.85 Savings of 17%
1 can adhesive for foam (use sparingly) $6.95 Savings of 9%

Mid to upper level install, as above but includes at least most of the
floor. Half rolls are not normally sold but making this available for the GB for those that need it.

1 roll BXT RAAMmat (93.75 sq ft) $99.00 Savings of 17%
1/2 roll SS floor only mat (31.25 sq ft) $29.50 Saving a bunch
5 yards Ensolite foam (70 sq ft) $49.75 Savings of 17%
2 cans adhesive $13.90 Savings of 9%

Going all out, all the above and the roof if used properly.

1.5 rolls BXT RAAMmat (93.75 sq ft) $148.50 Savings of 1/2 rolls SS floor only mat (31.25 sq ft) $29.50 Saving a bunch 7 yards ensolite foam (97.93 sq ft) $69.65 Savings of
3 cans adhesive $20.85 Savings of

NOTE: DO NOT use SS floor only mat anywhere but on the floor, it could fail over time on horizontal surfaces and you do not want to have to deal with that, not worth it, use only as directed and it will be just
Send all inquires directly to [email protected] and

please send:
-List of items and amount of each item.
-Zip code
Paypal preferred

For all Credit and Debit card orders ready to be placed please call:
(not always manned or with another fellow enthusiast customer so leave a message if needed (if you wish you can email the CC info, billing and shipping address, card #, exp date, security code, name on card, etc but use 2-3 separate emails for security purposes)
-Shipping is via UPS ground, adhesive cannot ship by air, BXT and Ensolite
can ship by air.
-Shipping outside the US, Canada, UPS ground, duty free codes added to invoice, Other countries, USPS air mail.

Thanks again Rick for offering this Group Buy to our members of the ROC and extending to members of the EOC.

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