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Folks -

I'm new on the forum as I just got my Element in February. I love what this forum has to offer, and I look forward to participating down the road. I've got some mods just starting - I've always wanted an "E" to accommodate my non-conventional lifestyle.

Immediate problem: Rear platform rack or roof rack? Eventually I need both, but here's my situation: I am a serious cyclist and I will carry bikes a lot. Oftentimes I'll have camping gear and guns - and other goodies - filling up the back. I'm a 5'3" female, so yeah, a top rack can be a pain. But the Thule step up, or any other folding, step platform should alleviate that issue.

The Thule T2 is slick - but it seems like to may get in the way sometimes? But it also offers the advantage of adding a platform carrier (as I've seen in this forum) to carry stuff. I'd also like a dirt bike carrier at some point for the back. I am getting a 2" hitch put on this Saturday because I will need that anyways to carry a small motorcycle trailer.

Roof or Rear Platform rack, and why?
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