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[quote:f60c5f5577="eMass"]IMHO - radar detectors don't work well enough to justify the cost. The advent of Laser and the better training of police officers using traditional radar guns has seriously crippled a radar detectors ability to protect you from little more than the threat of a garage door opening. :lol:

I stopped buying detectors more than 10 years ago and just made a consious decision to pay attention to my speed. I haven't got a ticket since. :D[/quote:f60c5f5577]

I think I've only encountered Laser once. My detector has alerted me to radar dozens of times (I have a Cobra). It's especially valuable in small towns and in low speed streets in the city. I've never had a ticket in 30 years of driving.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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