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[quote:629dd7d6b4=" "][quote:629dd7d6b4="eleMentalCase"]I've owned a Valentine and my personal experience confirms's test results- that the Escort 8500 is more sensitive- and just as important, it throws FAR less false alarms. And the 8500 is $100 less than the Valentine. [/quote:629dd7d6b4]

The 8500 is a great detector, but I take issue with the statement that the V1 throws false alarms. You get great depth of info with a V1, the direction, count, strength and band. Any fool can tell an automatic door from a cop after driving with a V1 for a month. Moreso, if you drive a normal commute, you learn your electrico-magnetic landscape pretty well, when to excpect every blip and pop. You will innately know just by pattern of blips when a cop is stationed with X-band radar in the middle of strip-mall alley. Trust me - it's the perfect X-band camoflauge and the cops know it.[/quote:629dd7d6b4]

I'm not usually one to ressurect a tread from months ago, but you are absolutely correct. The V1 vs 8500 holy war will rage on. I've used both, and I have to say my V1 is the only way to go for *me* ... Nothing wrong with the Passport, but the V1 is a far superior tool, once you learn to use it properly. I'd feel crippled trying anything else. Also, the 'falsing' thing I see mentioned a lot is kind of strange to me. If it's a radar source, I want to know about it and then decide for myself if it's a threat. So it's not falsing, it's dutifully reporting. And yes, knowing electro-magnetic landscape of your own stomping grounds is definately something you pick up fast without even trying. The local fun mizers in my area are a wiley bunch. I've seen X band being used as you said in strip mall areas, instant on K band, all sorts of fun things. Valentine One saved my ass many many times, and coupled with the most important component - the brain- I have never received a ticket.
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