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There is another way in which to have your radio stay on while cranking. At your ignition harness, the are a number of different wires for different purposes.

12v Constant: it's a constant 12v line
Started: it gets 12v only when you are cranking the starter
Ignition: it gets 12v while the key is on, and while cranking
Accessory 1: it gets 12v while key is on, shuts off while cranking
Accessory 2: same as Accessory 1.

A typical radio is hooked to an Accessory lead... So, what you need to do is cut the Radio Switched 12v lead, securly tape off the car side of the wire so it cannot touch ground or move around. Take the radio side and extend it down to your key cylinder. The Ignition wire is Black with a Yellow stripe. Get an inline fuse (10a should be fine) and use it to connect the Radio 12v Switched wire (Radio Side) to the Ignition wire. Fuse should be located as close to the thick ignition wire as possible. Now, your radio should not turn off during cranking... and you shouldn't have to put a CAP behind the radio.

I hope this helps... I know the post is old, but I figure somebody might want the info.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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