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Ragbrai 2010

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Just sent my money in to a charterer for RAGBRAI 2010. I'm a RAGBRAI virgin. I can't wait to register on November 15. My charter leave from St. Louis.

I rode the Seagull Century yesterday in Salisbuy, MD. "Camped" in the E in the parking lot the night before the ride.
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I rode in 08 and am planning on riding again in 2010.
I do Ragbrai every year, may I ask why you paid to do Ragbrai, when I have never paid for the last 8 years? I may be able to save you a chunk of change :)
why wouldn't you pay? do you not use any of the services? the kybos? etc?
or are you one of those that thinks you are deserving of not paying b/c they use public roads?
Service Providers for Out-of-State Riders

The service provider that Cyclist_306 is referring to is independent of The Des Moines Register and the RAGBRAI registration fee. See for a list of the 2009 providers.

The number of riders and camp followers make RAGBRAI unlike any other event ride I've ever participated in, and these service providers are well worth considering both for logistic support and the potential camaraderie of making new friends and renewing old friendships.

IMO csm is right on, if you use RAGBRAI services then you should pay, however from what I've observed a large number of Iowa natives feel the ride is free for them. Their rational is that this improves the change for "visitors" to get in via the lottery.

IMO RAGBRAI is worth doing once, but spending a week with "20,000 new rolling friends" is not an experience that one needs to repeat every year. I'm sure Cyclist_306 will have a great time and look forward to his sharing some images.
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Actually, no I tend to not use the Porta Crappers.... There are many reasons why I don't pay. When you pay you get bag service, sag wagon, route support, and an optional insurance thing. Almost everything else is donated. I actually got into an argument of the prior director over the price of people riding. I told him I would have no problem paying 25$ to just register to ride. Me and about 70% of ragbrai either go self contained, or have their own team and they use them as support not the Register's support. We also don't stay at designated camp sites, we stay at privet residents. It's a blast but if you don't need their support then the price that you pay is insane. So, I am not an ass that thinks I don't need to pay because it's a free road. I don't pay because I don't care to get bent over and pay for services I never use. Plus I ride out to the start the week before, and half the time I ride off route *it's a ton of fun*
I disagree. ****************. by virtue of being on the rds during the ride you are in fact taking advantage of services provided through the Des Moines Register; they get folks to block traffic, they get emt service, etc.
and any excess monies gets donated each year.
I am looking forward to it. The price that I am going to pay pays for my tent, luggage service, towel, air mattress and other stuff. I have used this provider ( for 4 years at the Bike Ride Across Georgia and he is worth every penny.

The only downside for me is the drive to St. Louis, but for me flying is not an option to haul my bike. This is a ride that I have always wanted to do. I can't wait to do it at least once.
I'd definitely use a charter service; makes things a lot easier. we used out of staters and have no complaints. I think I am gonna try to do it this year. the official charters aren't supposed to give you service unless you have a wristband number but most will let you reserve a spot. even if you miss out on the lottery there are plenty of bands for sale until the day of the ride. lots of folks get in but then have conflicts.
we've talked about starting our own team but haven't as yet. I have a pop-up vw eurovan that would be kinda cool to use as a support vehicle but nobody wants to actually drive it.
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